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Welcome ....making health your focus...


We all want to be full of vitality and feeling that we are 'at the top of our game!' In reality busy lives, family pressures and just a lack of time can see us falling into long-term unhealthy eating and exercise plans.


At Health Our Focus


At Health Our Focus we work with you to achieve your health objectives. As a trained Weightloss/Motivational Coach Carla can taylor a health and/or weightloss programme to meet your individuals needs - please note group and individual meetings by arrangement.


Our solutions are results based so we expect you to reach and maintain a better standard of

overall health and well-being from our programmes.




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Nutrition and Yoga with Health Our Focus


Being healthy is natural – staying healthy – a bit more difficult. With the effects of ageing, stressful lifestyles, environmental factors, dietary choices and lack of down time we need to keep challenging our perceptions of health to get the most out of ourselves and our lives.


We are all looking for balance – difficult

to achieve when many of us juggle the

role of family, work and maintaining a certain lifestyle .. but for many of us one of our goals that just seems that bit out of reach!


Well being at Health Our Focus


Nutrition and yoga form the backbone of the ethos of Health Our Focus. We believe that by incorporating the fundamental principles of healthy nutrition and the techniques that have survived for many thousands of years – through yoga – good health can be a reality for YOU!




Of course along the way you may have picked up a host of low level and irritating illnesses that you may be dealing with. These may range from poor digestive habits – poor elimination, IBS or indigestion and may include skin problems, constant niggles – aches and pains, low resistance or simply a constant fatigue that is not resolved with sleep. You may have been really ill or be suffering from a potentially health threatening condition.

Nutrition and yoga can help you get back on track! Carla’s wide range of personal experience will motivate you to take action. A personalised programme in nutrition and yoga can help you to find a better level of health. Read our testimonials section to find out more…or contact us now to book a personal evaluation – there is not time like the present!

Yoga with Children

Carla is working with a number of primary and secondary schools in the South east offering yoga at ‘After School Club’, ‘Breakfast Club’ she can come to your school to conduct a ‘free demonstration’ – by arrangement.



But don't just take our word for it visit our Testimonials page