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Nutritional Consultation

Adult questionnaire download here.

Child questionnaire download here.


The Nutrition Consultation will cover a detailed case history of current goals and health aims followed by an evaluation.

This will essentially be Carla explaining to you her understanding of your current health state, confirming with you your objectives from the programme and advising you on a proposed nutrition protocol - as well as answering any questions you may have. Carla will initially have a short telephone conversation with you at an arranged time via email to determine what your goals are and if there is an underlying health issue she will establish the way in which the programme may support this. Following this discussion she will request you to fill in the Nutrition Questionnaire which will support your meeting with her giving a detailed history.

Her consultative style allows for an initial discussion at no charge and from this discussion she will decide in consultation with you, on what length of appointment is required.

Initial appointment usually for 1 hour at her home clinic £65
Follow up appointments 45 minutes £40
Block - of 1 initial meeting 3 follow-up meetings £200
Phone support/Skype support/email support per minute £1

Carla's areas of expertise include:

Digestive Health


Carla has extensive experience in a range of digestive health problems including - IBS, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Parasitic infections, Bloating and unresolved digestive problems, Ulcers, Yeast issues - including Candida, Food intolerance and allergy - see opens in a new window

Sports Nutrition


Optimal weight and muscle mass for optimal performance, Low GI, Diet for specific training routines - weight training, runners and cardio sports, mineral balance for high performance, maintaining a healthy immunity as a competitive athlete.

Hormonal Health


Nutrition to support supported conception, male and female fertility issues - endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, PMS and, Mother and Baby including weaning and failure to thrive, children allergy - eczema, asthma and related health problems. She has also worked extensively with weight related problems - individual coaching and yoga therapy can be offered in such cases using a balanced Low GI diet and exercise routine, thyroid - hypo and hyper conditions, adrenal stress, diabetes menopause, osteporosis and arthritis.


Nutrition Clinics:


Alternative Saturdays by appointment.


Carla works from her home based clinic on:
Tuesdays from

9am til 4pm and from

6pm - 9pm


To make an appointment




Mobile 07940 509910


Carla may be consulting so do leave a message. Please leave a possible contact time.

Please note that once your appointment is confirmed a 24 hour cancellation is required or a 50% fee will be charged.



By arrangement Carla can come to your home or office within a 5 mile radius for a small additional charge - please enquire.


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