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~ David ~

I have had various group and '1 to 1' sessions with Carla over the last three years for both Yoga and Nutrition and I cant speak highly enough of her skill and ability in teaching and execution. I was previously a Personal Trainer with a high degree of understanding of both physiology and nutrition but found Carla's knowledge exceptional enabling me to improve and maintain flexibility and posture which was important due to the amount of weight training I was doing. She also greatly improved my health with a solution to a long term stomach ailment and her diagnosis has provided me with excellent results. In short, if you want to improve your health and well being, then you will have to go along way to find someone with such excellent knowledge and Carla's friendly and personable approach ensure that your individual needs are identified and met.


~ Caroline February 2014 ~

Caroline here , hope all is going well. Ollie is good and has not had an attack since he followed a gluten free diet which he mainly sticks too!


~ Al Liazides Sept 2013 ~ First hired 2011 Used more than once ~

A friend of mine recommended Carla to me after a flare up of IBS and other stress related illnesses. Carla recommended a course of action that has transformed my life. IBS seems to be under control. Thanks to her recommended diet I feel much better, feel more energetic and in general a lot healthier. I think her very modest fees were the best investment I made in my health and she solved in two sessions what doctors failed to do in over 20 years. I would like to thank her for help and will recommend her care very highly.


~ Shirley Niculescu May 2013 ~

I have known Carla Dixon for over two years during which time she has been extremely helpful to me in sorting out the dosage of supplements I need to help combat osteoporosis without resorting to conventional medicine, also advising me on the nutrients necessary to help stabilize the condition and in which foods they are to be found. I have to say that my health generally has improved noticeably under her guidance and I am very grateful to her.



~ Endorsement from Jane Doxey ~

In 2011 after a number of years of Career and personal setbacks, my doctors diagnosed me with the condition known as ‘Sub-clinical hypothyroidism’. Generally known as the on-start of an under active thyroid. The tests that I was given revealed a number of issues a Positive reading of my TPO antibodies (5 x normal) and above average TSH levels, and my cortisol levels were on the low side.
At the time I was close to exhaustion, looking and feeling very fatigued, I was also having fluctuations in weight, I dropped a lot of weight and then gained it plus more. Just about everyone around me could see I was sick except me!

Having given in to the tests and acknowledged the initial diagnosis, I took it upon myself to educate myself about the condition, symptom’s and treatments. I was actually quite scared by the knowledge I gained.

To be honest I had got to age 50 with few scars, was very healthy and pretty fit so I was quite surprised and bewildered that I had ended up in this place and completely horrified by what the Doctors were advising me to do, having never taken pro-longed medication I was wary of the prescription and because of my research I was a little skeptical as the attitude was to treat the condition, with no support into the discovery of why or how?

I took the decision to get some alternative viewpoints and opinions. This is where Carla Dixon from ‘Health Our Focus ‘ came in. I had read about Carla’s approach to health & nutrition and about her special areas of expertise, Digestive and hormonal health relating to hypo and hyper conditions and adrenal stress.

After a very detailed analysis and some additional tests, Carla advised me on some initial changes to my diet and nutrition Carla was exceptionally understanding and her knowledge and insight was not only refreshing but made so much logical sense. She looked in detail into my health and personal history and quite quickly identified things, which made a lot of sense to me explaining in detail how the condition may have come about, why, and what I can do through alternative practices to gain good health again.

Because the doctors did not consider me at great risk at this point, I made the decision to follow at least initially the program she advised. Within 6 months when I returned for my routine medical tests my levels had improved by 30% My TSH level, which had been at 8.13 dropped to 6.27 and my Free T4, had improved. This was in Feb 2012 since then my health has continued to improve dramatically, in fact my consultant signed me off for 1 year in July 2012 acknowledging that the improvements were no doubt due to the alternative practice and supplements I was taking. I am now on 3/4 monthly checks and can honestly say that I have not felt so healthy in possibly over 20 years, Carla is a complete ANGEL in every sense but more than anything she is exceptionally Talented in her field.

Thank you so much Carla for helping me get my mojo back!!


~ Kate Gibb ~ Nutrition ~ January 2013

'Carla has helped me so much! I went to her feeling bloated, nauseous and with bad cramping after certain meals. Carla diagnosed an intolerance almost straight away and with her professional and friendly guidance I have changed my diet to suit this. Not only does everything get explained in a way you understand, but you also receive helpful notes and an email summary of the session. Carla helped me understand what's best for my digestive system and my health and I feel brilliant for it! If someone is looking for a Nutritional Therapist whose approach is thorough, caring and practical, then I would not hesitate in recommending Carla!'


~ Mo ~ Nutrition/Yoga ~ January ~ 2013

"I first visited Carla for nutritional therapy 6 years ago and was impressed with her detailed knowledge and tenacity in getting to the bottom of any problem. Her warm and generous personality meant that consultations always ran well over the allotted time.
I attend Carla's yoga workshops regularly and find them inspiring and exhilarating. Her incredible awareness and observation of everyone's capabilities and health issues means that she easily and safely conducts the room like an orchestra, having people of vastly differing abilities doing different things all at the same time. Carla has a great sense of fun and she positively encourages everybody to achieve much more than they expect to."


~ Caroline ~ Nutrition ~ January 2013


"My son was ill for a year with violent attacks of fever and vomting. We were very worried about him. After a year of hospital tests as an outpatient we were no closer to a diagnosis and the attacks continued.
Eventually, we saw Carla Dixon. Carla took a detailed history and ordered some appropriate tests. We had our diagnosis. Various food allergies and a sensitivity to gluten and dairy.
We have a plan of action now and he has not had an attack since.
We are very greatful to Carla for her expertise and dedication in helping our son.
We call her the food detective!"


~ Penny ~ Nutrition ~ July 2012


"I first went to see Carla when my husband and I decided to start
planning for a family. I have PCOS and had previously been told that
it may take a while to conceive and that I should make sure I keep my
weight at a healthy level. I also knew that my mother had similar
difficulties to me and took some 6 years to conceive me. So I knew the
odds were stacked against us. I had done a little bit of reading
around PCOS myself and knew that diet was important for managing
symptoms and also for increasing our chances of conceiving. I was also
slowly gaining a bit of weight. I wanted to act quickly and needed
some guidance and motivation to get started. So I booked myself in to
see Carla given her expertise in nutrition and PCOS. I knew Carla as
my yoga teacher. She was friendly, warm and naturally very nurturing.
With Carla's advice and guidance we made some changes to my diet and I
started taking extra supplements and of course continued with yoga.

My GP also referred my husband and I to a fertility clinic and we were
due to start treatment. However, before treatment started we found out
I was pregnant! We were over the moon! I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and
have had our first scan and all is looking well so far. I continue to
follow Carla's advice as I think I will do for the rest of my life. I
try to keep up my healthy eating (but still give myself treats!) and
exercise and I have to say I feel great. There was a time when I did
not think conceiving naturally was an option for us. I have really
valued Carla's expert advice, her genuine care for us and enthusiasm
which has kept me motivated. Her support has been wonderful. Thank you
Carla! "


~ Lucy ~ Nutrition ~ June 2012


"Having spoken with Carla and having suffered with IBS for nearly 10years, I had become used to the almost constant pain and not knowing how my stomach would react to the food I was eating. I had already cut out wheat which I though was enough but new symptoms had begun and I felt like I was right back to square one. After getting the results from my York test I started making changes straight away and instantly felt a benefit, I have since found it very easy to adjust my diet as the benefits have been so great to my everyday life, I have even noticed a reduction in my symptoms of PMS which I didn't expect either"

~Susie ~ Nutrition ~ 4th May 2012


"After fearing I would never be able to have a child, I sought nutritional advice from Carla. I'm very happy to say that after only two months of undertaking the advice I became pregnant (naturally.) I continued taking reccomnded supplements and the dietry advice during my pregnancy and now I have a very healthy baby girl. The wonderful thing is at 42 years of age, several doctors told me my chances were fairly slim, so much so my GP didn't even 'book me' before I had a scan. I had lots of comments from Doctors regarding my age, how healthy my pregnancy was and how my baby was growing so well! I really do feel blessed and thank Carla for the sympathetic and intuitive way she worked with me. Carla is very thorough in her initial tesing and questioning to identify potential problems, and knowledgable as to solutions- I would also add that her suggestions were easy to implement. I would highly recommend her services- Susie"


~ Kate ~ Nutrition 2012

I have been working with Carla Dixon for around nine months now, and I have nothing but praise for her. When I first met Carla I was a Mum at my wits end with worry for my severely intolerant six year old daughter and after spending the last four years trying to cure my daughter or at least make her life more comfortable the change has been amazing. Carla was able to explain how and why my daughter was reacting and behaving the way she was and helped me to understand the best ways to get any improvement in my daughter. I feel that Carla has helped me to manage my daughters intolerances now, as we have a diet and supplement plan in place which suits the needs of my daughter. Carla's knowledge has been vast and her ability to suggest an appropriate diet plan, vitamins and supplements has been fantastic, my daughter is a different child now, a happy daughter and a very happy mummy. I would be happy to recommend Carla to anyone with an intolerance issue.


~ Amanda ~ Zest4Life programme 2012

Carla is a most knowledgeable and caring person. Her groups are fun to attend and very easy to understand. She is with you all the way and always available for advice and guidance so you never feel you are on your own in your sometimes challenging quest to lose weight and stay healthy. She encourages you to take responsibility for your life in more ways than just with food. She is an inspiration and I have managed to lose 10lbs under her guidance in a matter of months. The trick is also to keep it off not just lose it. Carla makes eating with the Low-GI/GL plans a pleasure not a chore. It is surprising what you can eat rather than what you can’t! Go for it. Be the best you can be. Join up and you won’t regret it.


~ C finished a Zest4Life programme and sent these comments ~

‘I am checking my weight as best I can and got into the swimsuit without feeling a freak and though I have more to lose, least I am on the way. I am less stressed and I still try to follow the GL diet and have a lot to thank you and the diet for. It has enabled me to stay focussed and calmer with the redundancy which I feel sure I wouldn't have been able to approach philosophically without the diet and weight loss.


~ Elizabeth ~

Carla Dixon has helped save the life of our son William who has suffered with multiple food allergies from the age of six months.  She also prevented the breakdown of a mother very frustrated by the lack of help and resources available from the NHS system.


With Carla's advice we have been able to identify the problem foods using various methods including hair analysis tests, blood and skin prick tests.  She built a rotation diet for William that supplied him with the necessary nutrients and variety to keep him interested in eating!

She has been available constantly over the past 3 years and has tailored supplement and mineral advice to suit Williams age and state of well-being.  As a result we have a happy intelligent and relatively robust little boy rather than an ill heavily medicated patient.


~ Rosie ~

Carla has helped me identify and deal with a range of health problems, including IBS, migraine headaches and loss of energy caused by prolonged stress and poor eating habits. She helped me to confront and accept what was causing the problems. She has been a patient, well-informed and empathetic practitioner throughout.


~ Jake ~

After being told by the hospital that we would never conceive naturally,
my wife and I were recommended Carla by a friend.  After a three month detox
programme my wife became pregnant.


~ Jill ~

The retreat was excellent - I never imagined that the detox could be so enjoyable. I realised there were many poses in the yoga sessions that I could do and felt so confident! Please let me know when you are holding your next one!!


~ Mona ~

Carla has a very thorough and personal approach to her nutritional advice. She explains complex things in a simple way that's easy to understand and put into practice. Her advice has really helped me to improve my general health, get my energy back and helped me to lose weight successfully. I highly recommend her services if you're serious about being healthy.


~ Moneca ~

Carla helped me to understand and overcome a serious depression very quickly with her nutritional advice when the only other option seemed to be addictive, prescriptive drugs which I didn't want to take. She was spot on about the causes and her sympathetic advice and recommendations quickly turned things around for me. I haven't felt this good for a long time! 


~ Andrew MacDougall ~

Carla is good. Apart from being extremely knowledgeable she has a personal style which is friendly and caring. In my consultations with her she always finds the time to listen. I also like her nutritional approach, using sophisticated diagnostic techniques where appropriate, rather than simply relying on various questionnaires alone.

In my case, I had digestive issues which came and went over a number of years. Without her help i would never have known I had an intestinal parasite. Once we knew what was going on, the road ahead was clear and no need for me to waste money on other pills and potions
I would have no hesitation in recommending Carla to anyone.


School Testimonial


Nile Flanagan                    

Brazilian Soccer Schools


'Carla was one of a few practitioners  I  initially contracted who came highly recommended  and worked admirably in difficult circumstances with a group of 16 -19  young people in the NEET classification (Not in Education Employment or Training) for Wandsworth Council.

They were initially all resistant to trying yoga , but her warm friendly manner, and ability to adapt to each individual child, saw her have some wonderful successes with the evident in the feedback they gave.

Since then, I have also experienced Carla in settings with children and adults, and I am deeply impressed how she relates to young and old alike.'


‘I like doing new poses’ 


'The yoga club has given Hema great co-ordination and balance and made her very flexible and supple’



'Harvey really enjoys the yoga sessions'



‘The yoga class is always fun and I like the story at the end and being still’                    



'The yoga has really helped Molly to concentrate and focus'


~ M.Thepar ~ Parent and Inclusion Governor ~ July 2014


Carla Dixon has taught one child of mine (Arun) Yoga since 2009 and both my sons (second child Kyle) since 2013. The eldest son of mine suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder and although difficult to settle at first, Carla as a true professional was very patient and persistent with him and now he absolutely loves Yoga.


Carla has a unique way of engaging with children with Special Needs and my son soon grew attached to her and from the initial child whom detested yoga and refused to go, he now gets sad when it stops. My second son Kyle had the opportunity to join Arun and initially the ‘change’ that Arun perceived as his brother being and the mischief that Kyle sought to disrupt Arun was immediately stopped but is a very clever way, from the initial lesson where both my sons were quite hostile to one another, Yoga lessons with Carla has brought them common ground and also at home, they started showing me poses and found something in

common to reduce the hostile behaviour to one another.


Both my children have received great benefit from Yoga especially Arun who comes home after a Yoga lesson and this has helped his anxiety levels a great deal on these particular days. Carla was so accommodating and even when other year groups started yoga, she requested both my children to participate and they did and continued to reap the important benefits that not only helped them individually but also as siblings.


Being a keen yogi myself for the past 15 years has allowed me to engage with my kids too and they show me the lovely poses taught and understand fully how good it makes them feel. I also have had an opportunity to observe Carla towards the end of her classes teaching at the School, and can say, without reservation, that she is an asset, Carla makes classes fresh and fun for the children, in a natural and compelling manner that both inspires and appropriately challenges the children. Carla is very clear in her instructions, engaging and connects with each child. I would thoroughly recommend yoga to all children and Carla takes such enthusiasm, always lights gorgeous smelling incense sticks, mentions social stories, brings lavender eye bags and ensures that each child is totally relaxed when leaving her class. On one occasion she brought in a balloon as part of her lesson and each child was overjoyed when asked to blow their balloon, previously Arun has found this activity historically challenging and something he really did struggle with due to his coordination

difficulties, however Carla encouraged him and persevered patiently and very quickly he learnt how to blow a balloon which increased his confidence levels which was priceless.


Carla is indeed a wonderful teacher and every class she has taught the children something new as well as Yoga. As an Inclusion Governor at the School, I will always support yoga as part of School life and more so Carla as I have seen how professional, enthusiastic and what superb qualities she holds and what difference she has brought to the School, the children and their families.


~ Marisca Botha ~ Cambridge Tutor's College ~ February 2013

'Carla Dixon has instructed yoga classes in 3 week modules for our PE group at Cambridge Tutor's College for the last 5 years. She has worked with group sizes ranging from 8 – 23 of our statutory school age students. During these times, she has been a dependable instructor who has never missed a session.

Carla is always cheerful and willing to adapt her schedule to accommodate the lesson times of the College. She is punctual and always well prepared for her sessions.
I highly recommend her to any future employer or volunteer organization.'


~ Nile Flanagan ~ Brazilain Soccer School

Captivating children in Reception Year after a day in class is a challenge I recognise and Carla's presence , use of imagery, patience, adaptability, genuine warmth and child -centred approach and passion for her vocation is plainly evident.

Carla is my first choice of Nutritional and Yoga consultant for the personal development charitable  foundation being established, and this alone speaks volumes for the very high esteem she his held in.              




Corporate Testimonials


'I thoroughly enjoyed the session and my stress levels have dropped considerably. More please!’


‘Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the yoga this lunchtime. As a novice I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found it extremely relaxing.’


‘I thought the yoga session was very good. Carla was very friendly and made us feel comfortable and explained everything clearly. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to do more’


Best session I have been to and I have been to a few! She was really attentive to individuals and any issues that people had with their backs etc. I am very pleased to say that I feel more relaxed and I swear my shoulders have not been this low down in ages! Again please!!!



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