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Yoga Sprouts - Yoga for Children


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Yoga Sprouts

Children love to do yoga
– in fact they are doing yoga naturally and enjoy moving their bodies as they grow and develop.

With the stresses and pressures of modern day life – children can suffer too. Regular yoga sessions can now be conducted in your school – either after school or during school hours if you are taking advantage of the government plans to encourage more healthy activity into the school curriculum.

Yogasprouts offers your children a chance to explore their own physical boundaries through play, music and creative means including role-play. In this process children benefit by a growing awareness of self which in turn encourages self-confidence . Relaxation plays a role in yoga with children and this is encouraged through various techniques including breathing exercises which benefit children with asthma. In addition children are encouraged to experiment with their own bodies and in turn develop balance, strength and techniques that will benefit them in day-to-day life. Children have fun when they are yogasprouts!


Yoga at School



Atwood Primary School


Limpsfield Road
South Croydon




Classes on Tuesday during term time

3.15 - 4.20

for a variety of ages - check with school for more information.
New course start each term. www.atwoodschool.com


Payable as After School Club

Yoga Sprouts

Carla is working with a number of primary and secondary schools in the South east offering yoga at ‘After School Club’, ‘Breakfast Club’ she can come to your school to conduct a ‘free demonstration’ – by arrangement.


Bookings for yoga sessions are during the term and can be arranged with payment through the parents or the school. Carla holds a current CRB check, is qualified in first aid and holds all relevant insurances. Her training as a school teacher is an asset when working with children.


The content of the sessions will vary depending on the age of the children, the time of day the session is conducted and the season. A reasonable physical space is required such as the hall, the sports hall, an empty classroom or the library. For health and safety reasons ideally the space would be free from clutter so that the children can move freely. All equipment is provided and children would normally wear PE uniform without shoes.


With younger children creative play, co-ordination and realising physical limitations are emphasised. Children are encouraged to participate in a range of movements that may emphasise balance, following instructions, dramatic play and movement to music or for older children and teenagers ‘yoga flow’ – a yoga dance that works on cardiovascular aspects and breath control.


Breath awareness, relaxation and stillness and often some type of affirmations are incorporated into all of the sessions.




School Testimonials


‘I like doing new poses’


'The yoga club has given Hema great co-ordination and balance and made her very flexible and supple’



'Harvey really enjoys the yoga sessions'



‘The yoga class is always fun and I like the story at the end and being still’                    



'The yoga has really helped Molly to concentrate and focus'


~ M.Thepar ~ Parent and Inclusion Governor ~ July 2014


Carla Dixon has taught one child of mine (Arun) Yoga since 2009 and both my sons (second child Kyle) since 2013. The eldest son of mine suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder and although difficult to settle at first, Carla as a true professional was very patient and persistent with him and now he absolutely loves Yoga.


Carla has a unique way of engaging with children with Special Needs and my son soon grew attached to her and from the initial child whom detested yoga and refused to go, he now gets sad when it stops. My second son Kyle had the opportunity to join Arun and initially the ‘change’ that Arun perceived as his brother being and the mischief that Kyle sought to disrupt Arun was immediately stopped but is a very clever way, from the initial lesson where both my sons were quite hostile to one another, Yoga lessons with Carla has brought them common ground and also at home, they started showing me poses and found something in

common to reduce the hostile behaviour to one another.


Both my children have received great benefit from Yoga especially Arun who comes home after a Yoga lesson and this has helped his anxiety levels a great deal on these particular days. Carla was so accommodating and even when other year groups started yoga, she requested both my children to participate and they did and continued to reap the important benefits that not only helped them individually but also as siblings.


Being a keen yogi myself for the past 15 years has allowed me to engage with my kids too and they show me the lovely poses taught and understand fully how good it makes them feel. I also have had an opportunity to observe Carla towards the end of her classes teaching at the School, and can say, without reservation, that she is an asset, Carla makes classes fresh and fun for the children, in a natural and compelling manner that both inspires and appropriately challenges the children. Carla is very clear in her instructions, engaging and connects with each child. I would thoroughly recommend yoga to all children and Carla takes such enthusiasm, always lights gorgeous smelling incense sticks, mentions social stories, brings lavender eye bags and ensures that each child is totally relaxed when leaving her class. On one occasion she brought in a balloon as part of her lesson and each child was overjoyed when asked to blow their balloon, previously Arun has found this activity historically challenging and something he really did struggle with due to his coordination

difficulties, however Carla encouraged him and persevered patiently and very quickly he learnt how to blow a balloon which increased his confidence levels which was priceless.


Carla is indeed a wonderful teacher and every class she has taught the children something new as well as Yoga. As an Inclusion Governor at the School, I will always support yoga as part of School life and more so Carla as I have seen how professional, enthusiastic and what superb qualities she holds and what difference she has brought to the School, the children and their families.


~ Marisca Botha ~ Cambridge Tutor's College ~ February 2013

'Carla Dixon has instructed yoga classes in 3 week modules for our PE group at Cambridge Tutor's College for the last 5 years. She has worked with group sizes ranging from 8 – 23 of our statutory school age students. During these times, she has been a dependable instructor who has never missed a session.

Carla is always cheerful and willing to adapt her schedule to accommodate the lesson times of the College. She is punctual and always well prepared for her sessions.
I highly recommend her to any future employer or volunteer organization.'


~ Nile Flanagan ~ Brazilain Soccer School

Captivating children in Reception Year after a day in class is a challenge I recognise and Carla's presence , use of imagery, patience, adaptability, genuine warmth and child -centred approach and passion for her vocation is plainly evident.

Carla is my first choice of Nutritional and Yoga consultant for the personal development charitable  foundation being established, and this alone speaks volumes for the very high esteem she his held in.              




If your school would like to take advantage of the free trial or you have any queries or would like more information please contact Carla on 07940 509910.